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Driving offences

In impaired driving cases, the Crown must prove that your ability to drive has been altered, either by drugs or alcohol. To do this, the prosecutor relies on the signs of intoxication that the police officer observed during his intervention. A driving infraction with over 80mg of alcohol in your blood implies that you are accused of driving a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol level that is higher than the amount permitted by law. When you are intercepted and being investigated for impaired driving, an officer may require a sample from your breath or your blood. A refusal charge refers to a failure to comply with a valid breath or blood demand.

Offences against the person

Offences against the person include assault, assault causing bodily harm, assault with a weapon, sexual assault, threats, harassment, etc. In these types of files, there is often more than one version as to what really happened. It is important to read the evidence and consult a lawyer for any possible defence. The penalties imposed vary according to the severity of the conduct and the impact on the complainant. For example, most offences of a sexual nature carry a mandatory minimum prison sentence.

Offences against property

Offences against property range from minor offences such as shoplifting to more serious offences such as fraud or breaking and entering. It is prudent to obtain legal advice regarding possible defences relevant to your case. Before pleading guilty, find out if a pardon is an option in your case

Drug and substance offences

Drug offences include simple possession, possession for the purpose of trafficking, trafficking, production and importation or exportation of substances listed in the different schedules of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. An issue often raised by the defence is whether the person had knowledge and control over the drug in question. Some infractions under the Act include mandatory minimum prison sentences.


Cybercrime offences such as child pornography are among the most serious in the Criminal Code. Whether it is possession, production, or distribution of child pornography, each offence is punishable by a minimum term of imprisonment. It is important to note that for these types of offences, you may be required to register in the national sex offender registry.

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