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Me Mocanu's fees: criminal lawyer in Montreal

An official in the greater Montreal area, Me Mocanu offers you our expertise in criminal law and personalized service according to your needs. Find out about the fees offered at our law firm and see how we can help you.

Fixed prices

A common question: how much can a lawyer cost me?

Me Mocanu works with fixed prices, not hourly prices. This means that she is able to give you an estimate of the fees associated with your case, either for a settlement or for a lawsuit. This estimate also takes into account the specifics of your file, its complexity and the work required. A fee agreement is also established when you first meet with our criminal lawyer.

Flexible payments and installment payments

Flexible and staggered payments are possible, as long as all fees are paid at the time of settlement or trial, depending on the outcome of your case. We also accept several payment methods.

Affordable prices and great availability to answer your questions

Credit cards and online transfers are accepted. Please note that Me Mocanu is available at all times, as well as for emergencies, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Do not hesitate to inquire about the fees in your file. She will be able to provide full information on:

A criminal lawyer to help you

Even if you are not currently charged or are simply under investigation, it is always wise to contact a lawyer before speaking to the police. You will receive preliminary information and significant support throughout the judicial process .

Call Me Mocanu anytime for a free assessment and consultation.

Personalized defense

Me Mocanu is committed to providing individualized service to each client, at every stage of the process. All case decisions are made with the client after a thorough review of the facts, a comprehensive research of the law and a comprehensive analysis of the evidence. Make sure you are represented by a lawyer you trust, a lawyer who will have the time and resources to devote to your case